April 4, 2008

Sonic CD in XP

After such a ridiculous week I felt like digging out my copy of Sonic CD. I had found this at a game store at home many years ago. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made, not just because the game is awesome, but because the soundtrack is in CD form so you can just pop the cd in a player and listen. Something I was ecstatic about finding out back when I was quite a bit younger and CD players where all the rage. Ah, that was a while ago back before IPods ever existed.

This was also one of my favorite sonic games because of two levels, wacky workbench, which had electrified floors which would shoot sonic to the ceiling for better or worse, and stardust speedway which was just long twist and runs with a awesome background and music. However after getting to the last level I was reminded of the one really horrible part in the game, the huge pit you must cross at the last level, which I always fall and die over and over again at.

If you even get a chance you grab this game take it, a great addition to a classic game collection, definitely better then the rather lame 3D attempts at a sonic games that have come out in recent years. 2D Side Scrolling FTW!

The game was coded for Windows 95/98 so you will need this patch to play it in XP however no idea about Vista.

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Jon Khatru said...

Thanks for the link to the patch, mate. I have the same wonderful nostalgia for this game as you, my friend :)