June 27, 2009

Job Interviews

Hm.. not much to say. Just busy with interviews and applying for jobs. You meet very interesting people on interviews ^_^.

June 22, 2009

Crunchyland bot

Quite a while back I was having fun working on a javascript exploit bot for an online game called crunchyland, the game itself was rather simple you create a character give it weapons and fight silly monsters that you encounter. The entire game engine was based on flash files that where embedded in html and where linked through javascript. The problem was that I quickly got bored with the game, you click, that is it, not very entertaining past a level or two. However before I moved on, I decided to try to write a bot for it so I could at least get on the leader board. Because there was no way I was going to sit for weeks of clicking, like some of the obsessive kids on the site apparently do. (Get a job!)

It was not too hard a task and gave me a good refresher in javascript dom manipulation. The bot uses an open window and url testing to change and click elements in the window triggered by timers. I also went a step further and had it watch the size of the health bar to heal the player after a certain point. After a week of testing I quickly had my character self level up on my testing server while I did other more productive things, and after a few more days I was on the leader board, with little effort, past the coding, on my part.

I have been waiting a while before releasing it, one to not get kicked of while I was still on the leader board, and to to prevent hoards of script kiddies from also quickly leveling up with no work. Now it looks like the game it not being worked on, and my script does not work completely anymore, so here it is CL Bot (For Safari 3 maybe 4 only). Anyone with some javascript experience could take it further and fix the parts that do not work with the game updates, however I have better things to be doing. Enjoy...

June 7, 2009

Nostalgia while cleaning

As much as I hate having to spend the time digging through and tossing out old stuff, each summer I try to remove more and more of the random stuff I seem to accumulate over the years. Most of it is paper from school, life and other random things I did as a child but do not remember doing. As well as a ton of pennies and other random shiny things that I hoarded and thought would be good to keep, only to never use them again. However I do end up finding cool things. Like my first backpack, old toys, lost lego pieces and electronic/mechanical do-dads, which bring back memories or are fun to play with again.

The best things though would be my pumpkin and ghost pin, which is awesome for around the halloween season and my pocket watch. Both I was very happy to re-discover.