November 16, 2010

Google Voice app on iPod Touch

Today I was pleased to see that Google had released an official Google Voice app, as the GVMobile+ ones from Cydia where somewhat broken.  What I was not happy with was the device not supported message that I got when trying to sync. Apparently this is only for the iPhone... Well that would not last long.  Below are the steps you need to take to get the app working on a jail broken iPod Touch.

  1. Download the ipa from the iTunes store.
  2. Change the .ipa to .zip and extract the Google Voice folder.
  3. Open and find the payload folder and grab the
  4. Drop the into the /Applications folder on the ipod via sftp.
  5. Respring
Interestingly enough the application works great on an iPod Touch, it just will not install via itunes.  I was looking through the ipa plist, but have not quite figured out what setting causes the restriction. Ideally removing the restriction and repacking the ipa would be best, but as I have it working, I will leave that up to someone with a bit more interest.

EDIT: Now that the official iPod version is out, this is no longer needed, unless you want the iPhone version.