April 3, 2008

Fortran 95 BattleShip

Because I want to try taking every programing the CS Department offers this semester was Fortran. Definitely not quite like the other languages I know, but after getting used to it, I can do almost everything I can with C short of graphics and some string manipulation. After some short homework assignments, we where given our first big assignment, two player ascii battleship. Simple enough to complete in the 4 weeks we where given. I decided however to up the ante and add a simple ai system for one player games. Nothing fancy, just a random seek, with a focus on areas when something was hit, sill very easy to beat every-time. Yet it was somewhat impressive and if nothing else made it easier to test the program because I did not have to play against myself everytime.

I have uploaded it here with the Mac and Windows compiled versions plus source.

Fortran was definitely not designed with games in mind, but as with most programing languages with some careful planing and a bit of force you can easily get around such constraints.

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