March 16, 2008

School and Sleep Don't Mix

Recently I over heard someone saying that they rarely get 8 hours of sleep, which got me thinking that I also rarely get 8 hours as well. Normally sleep is around 11:45PM to 6:45AM so on average about 7 hours, which is not bad, but still leaves me tired in the morning, daylight savings did not help either. Luckily for me I do not have heavy physical activity in my daily schedule which helps reduce my sleep needs. Sitting in class, sitting at work, sitting at lunch, sitting doing homework and sitting in bed. Recently I have come to notice school does not help you stay physically fit, luckily going to school near mountains fixes that. Oh well, such is the life of a college student.

6 Hours and I am Sleepy
7 Hours if I am Lucky
8 Hours and I am Spoiled
9+ Hours and I am lazy.

I did a little research about why eight hours are recommended, because we always hear it, but why is it eight?
"Before the experiment began, the subject routinely got about six and a half hours of sleep. During the first night of the experiment he slept eight hours, the second night 10 hours, the third night 12 hours, and the fourth night 14 hours. Over the next several days, he began to reduce the number of hours slept, eventually falling to a steady eight hours and 13 minutes. This experiment was performed repeatedly with all types of people, with similar results, and this is where the recommendation of eight hours comes from."
Taken From Here...

There you have it, that is why they recommend eight hours of sleep, well I found it interesting at least.

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