March 7, 2008

Next Year's Apartment

Well that time has come again, the stressful period of choosing next years living space. I have gone from two person dorm room, to a quad apartment, to a multi floor quad apartment, however because two of my friends are graduating, I have to look for another place again. My roommate and I though that a two person apartment might be nice, however it is not quite that easy...

To get a two person apartment you need to sign up for the draw, which only has apartments that people are moving out from, thus a small number, where as there are a lot of people who covet these sweet living spaces. I got to the apartment draw and dealt with the paperwork, and had to sit and wait for them to start. There must have been around 30-40 sets of people looking for a two person apartment, where as there where only 10 apartments up for grabs. The order of people who get to chose one is based on our ranking numbers (age, year, credits and grade) Luckily for me I got to choose second! (Take that youngsters ^_^).

So I chose an apartment, which our resident director of the student apartments said was her favorite, I figure it must be good. Here comes the intresting part... I walk by the place and from what I can tell by the windows it looks like it had cathedral ceilings, the living room window had another window on top that was a triangle against the sloping roof, which made me very happy. However later that night I could see there was light downstairs but not upstairs? Hold on, so there is some kind of random painted and finished loft/attic with what looks like a door above the apartment, that does not appear on any plans. Um, what? Now I am interested, if I can find a way into this space, like the Attic access panel in our current apartment I will be very happy, it could even mean my own room!

Well this is all speculation for now, but it looks like next year will be very interesting indeed.

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