January 28, 2008

Remove iPod Touch App Space limit

As requested by a friend here are the steps to negate the space limit for apps on a jalbroken iPod Touch. The problem is that the iPod Touch has only a small space alloted for the root folder, where the root users folder does not have such limits. A un-jailbroken touch does not need a lot of space, however after installing even just a few third party apps you will quickly run out. Symptoms of such is installed apps do not work, even though they installed with out a problem, Or you will be prompted with a message saying you are out of space. Ether way you can follow the steps below on a jailbroken touch to get more space.

Although this still works under the 1.1.2 firmware, I have recently found the BigBoss Application which is a far safer and easier way to simply move your applications, and free up space on the /dev/disk0s1 partition where perl and other things are installed.

1. SSH into your iPod Touch
You should already know how to do this, if not, you should not be playing with the contents of your iPod!

2. cd /
This will get you to the root directory of the iPod.

3. cp -pr Applications /var/root
This makes a copy of the applications folder in the root and places in the root users folder in the iPod.

4. mv Applications Applications.old
Rename the applications folder in root to .old

5. ln -s private/var/root/Applications /Applications
This makes a symbolic link to the newly copied Applications folder. The iPod will think this is a folder.

6. Power down the Ipod Touch. Hold the black power button till a red slider appears and slide it. Then press it again to reboot. Check to see that everything is working before following the final steps!!!!

7. cd /
Return to the root directory of the iPod.

8. rm -rf Applications.old
This final step removes the old application folder.

Originally figured out with help from Here.

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