January 30, 2008

Download files on iPod Touch

One of the big drawbacks with mobile safari is the fact that you can not download regular files to the ipod. However that has already been fixed by an interesting plugin for mobile safari. Interested? I know I was...

First off grab this file http://www.badongo.com/file/5544413 created by hachu. Then sftp into the iPod Touch, you will need to get a ftp client, I use Cyberduck. Then connect to the iPod Touch, and navigate to /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. This is the mobile safari plugins folder. Drop the plugin file you downloaded into this folder and then reboot the Touch by holding down the power button and sliding the red slider. After turing back on the Touch, try going and downloading something, you will see a new screen. This will give you the option to download the file, all downloaded files are placed in a download folder in the root user's media folder. One thing you will also want with this, is the finder for the iPod Touch, it will let you move/manage the downloaded files.

The author of this plugin states "No warranty or liability of any kind, of course. Don't blame me if it somehow messes up your data, though it isn't supposed to affect anything outside the Downloads folder it created." So you are on your own if it does not work, or breaks something. For more information check out the original post here... Enjoy

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