December 17, 2007

iPhone apps on iPod touch

After jailbreaking I realized that the iPhone apps where not included in the installer app. There are many ways to get them, one way I have found so far is to download iJailBreak, it has an option when it starts up to install iPhone apps. Follow the instructions, and you must have the bsdSubsystem and OpenSSH installed. However the eMail and Maps do not always work...

After that I found that you need a prep file for use with and on the touch. The easiest way to get them is to go to installer -> sources, and click on edit. Then click on add and enter this url: “”. It has the iPhone apps and the file needed to run them.

After you have this new source go to install and browse to “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for iTouch” from there Install “Mobile Mail Prep” as well as any other iPhone apps you might want. This is a safer way to get the iPhone applications, and it lets you chose and uninstall if need be later. After finding this, a friend of mine that had trouble with iJailBreak had no problems with getting the apps he was looking for.

The only problem I have found is that is slow, so after getting what you need remove it from your sources and the installer app will return to normal speeds.

Update: You should only add these apps after updating to 1.1.2, there is a good risk of partial bricking and needing to restore your touch if you do not. (aka You will have to start over from the beginning... )

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