March 1, 2010

Java JNI Custom About Box

It is silly just how long it took me to figure out this one line of code... A few months ago, I had finished porting over my SN Project from standard Java to then new JNI Library in Xcode 3.2. However, no matter how much I poked and prodded and searched, I could not figure out how to override the simple About Box I am assuming is provided by the JavaApplicationStub.

Luckily, today I finally stumbled on the answer in an obscure thread on the Apple Mailing List. The short answer is that I was not telling the event that it was already handled before letting the method end, the default box was called as a result of this.

You can see below that you need to add setHandled(true); to the handleAbout ApplicationEvent that is in the OSXAppAdaptor class provided with the JNI Template, or where ever you are handling the EAWT action calls.

public void handleAbout(final ApplicationEvent e)

I actually feel a bit stupid for not noticing this sooner as a few of the other action call methods already are setting handleAbout but it was not that clear what it was doing so I completely over looked it. Well, with this fixed I now have all the kinks worked out, now on to finishing up the features and finally hitting a stable 1.0 release, though it may take another year.

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