January 1, 2010

A look back before a step forward...

With the passing of Dec 31, it is now 2010 and I have been think back on the past year.  All and all it was not too bad a year, although not exactly perfect either.  Looking back...

Graduated from College (with, in my opinion, flying colors)
Caught up on some good reading
Spent time with family
Had fun with friends
Could actually enjoy the full Christmas Season
Finished some very cool projects

Still no full time job, (but part time is better than nothing)
No personal car (not huge, but annoying at times)
Paying back school loans (easy to do, but I hate seeing the money leave)

As you can see, the good easily outweighed the bad, which hopefully in this next year will be finish off completely.  Because, all and all, other than the lack of full time job, life is not too bad. Thus, I do not think I have much of a right to complain.

After looking at the past year, I got to thinking back on the fact that ten years have passed from the year 2000, and all the changes that have happened in the last ten years.  Some of the things I realized where quite amusing.

10 Years ago...
I was happy using dial up (3.5 Kb/s!)
Had never formally programed (but was used to html!)
Used a black & white powerbook duo (system 6.5)
Listened to all my music on cd/cassette player
Never put up a halloween display
Had only hiked one mountain
Lived in a different house
Had a small messy room
Watched way more tv
Could not drive

However a few things have not changed even after ten years...
Still put up a Christmas tree in my room each year
Still chase and poke crabs each summer
Still working with circuits (but much better at it)
Still get along well with my parents
Still fixing things
Still use a Mac

Looking at just these changes over a decade of my life, I have to wonder what will the next ten years bring!

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Elaine said...

As always you make me smile. : )