May 4, 2008

Student Senate Issues

I rarely get into politics, especial with the student government on campus, however this year the student senate has been quite poor in my opinion. Normally, student government is for the students in majors that are not quite as time consuming as the science majors or some of the arts majors, and do not have a decent job to keep them otherwise preoccupied during the semester. You can see why I generally ignore what they are up to, because I am usually far too busy with school and work, and at the same time nothing they do really has any effect on me. Other then somewhat interesting requests for equipment from the department I work for on campus.

What has greatly annoyed me this year is the utter lack of sense that the senate in general (not everyone) has displayed in their attempts to deal with some of the issues we have had on campus this year. One of the main things was a majority of the senate actually wanting to charge all the students (aka me who was sleeping at the time) for the student rioting earlier this year. Then they create "Task Forces" to deal with these issues, but to my knowledge nothing has come from these decisions. Non of this really surprises because I have actually been in classes with a few members of the current student senate and the dedication to their class work was just as lacking as the senates current abilities.

Interestingly, this is not just my single opinion. I know quite a few people in the senior and junior classes, and most of us do not have any great affinity for the student senate. More the one of us has actually witnesses a member of the senate displaying their opinion of how they apparently deserve a superior status then their follow students. Of course this is not going to go unnoticed, and one of the more entertaining results is an article in the clock stating on the status of the student senate this year. I think it sums them up perfectly in one sentence...

"I hope that this letter speaks to the more sensible members of Senate, and uses next year to rebuild the bridges that they have burned in their unethical reign as perceived supreme lords of the University."

Full article => Student org speak out about Student Senate behavior. Please note that I almost never read the clock, their opinions on things are generally very different from mine, however this was actually interesting enough for a friend to mention the article to me. Now I am sharing it as well, enjoy!

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