January 8, 2008

Remember to update xTemplate

I was having the hardest time yesterday getting xtemplate to work on the G4 web server. Every time I would open the php page a white screen would load. No errors, no problems, would not echo anything to the page!

I checked online and no one else seems to have this problem. So I though that maybe the Mac version PHP had something to do with it, but no luck there as well. Regular PHP would work fine, yet even pages I have done in the past and worked would not load. Finally I downloaded a fresh version of xtemplate and checked to see if the tutorial files worked. Low and behold they worked! Apparently a new version of xtemplate has come out and it works with the newer version of php I am running.

So a note for any one having problems with xtemplate running on a mac you might want to get the latest version!

[UPDATE: I had never turned on error reporting in my PHP install so that is why it never gave me any errors.]


TheSpeshulK said...

Yeah I was used to using XTemplates with PhP 5 for a while but then i had to do work on a new server and I was getting similar results. I checked out the settings and it was running on PhP 4 so I had to downgrade. That's interesting that there were no errors for you though. I would think that the PhP version would at least output its own even if xtemplates wasn't functioning correctly.

Efeion said...

I did think that it was odd that there was no errors, but then I released that it was because I never turned on error reporting in the php conf file.