December 7, 2007

Power Supply Fun Part 1

I was able to grab a G4 tower off of surplus at school for 1$, the only problem was that the power supply does not work. After having great success fixing, breaking, then fixing again, a G3 iBook 900mhz, which I also bought for 1$ on surplus, I figured this can't be any worse. Anyone who has worked on an iBook would agree. So plan A was replace the fuse that had burnt out. If that fixes it, YAY, otherwise plan B is to mod another power supply to work with it.

Plan A did not work so well, with my best wisdom ever, I though that "OK I don't have the right fuse at the moment, time to improvise..." A torx driver's metal body should work... or so I thought. Lets just say after getting ready to switch on power from a good distance away( I am not that stupid and knew something like this could happen), then doing so caused sparks and a little smoke to fly. Sorry no picture of that.

Well, so much for that idea. As long as the power supply did not fry I will get a new fuse and try again. I figure the PS is already failing, and the sparks where from what ever part(s) failed, and because there was no fuse to pop it sparked. Yet it is worth the few bucks to get a new fuse and see. Worse case, I just have to start to mod the other regular power supply I have to work with it. That will be fun.

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